Hacking Your Inner Genius

The Institute For Intuitive Knowing is devoted to providing experiences and developing tools that enable individuals and groups to create deeply meaningful connections. Our classes and trainings focus on rediscovering intuition and emotional intelligence within the context of our daily lives. We address fundamental issues such as how to love, how to cultivate joy within hardship, what it feels like to be fulfilled, how aversive emotions can be tools for insight, how to understand past experiences, and how to navigate an increasingly connected world. 

We deliver our services along multiple channels to suit a variety of needs. We offer workshops, classes, coaching and therapies in person. We also publish articles, create films and offer a range of creative tools to assist you in your quest to live a rich and fulfilling life. We also run a consulting and training service for businesses.

The Institute For Intuitive Knowing is a place to learn how to think intelligently and productively about some of life biggest concerns. We are never concerned with dogma of any kind and will direct you toward ideas and research from science, philosophy, literature, psychology and the visual arts. We are less concerned with teaching you facts and more interested in providing you with ideas that stimulate you to look creatively at your own life path. You will meet and be exposed to other curious and open-minded people in an atmosphere of exploration. 

Genius Path Curriculum

Our core curriculum is designed around the theme of reoccurring cycles in life, nature, culture and the cosmos. The classes are designed to provide useful insights around the big reoccurring themes of contemporary life. You will be encouraged to stop and reflect on the big issues that matter most in living a deeply meaningful life. We have structured each course to provide you with a space to express your thoughts, questions and experiences with other curious, open-minded individuals.

These sessions are designed by experts and facilitated by TIFIK faculty. Each session includes a mixture of lecture, reading, self-examination and sharing. Some light homework may be assigned and additional resources provided for those interested in additional study.


Focus Areas

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Self
  • Culture
  • Creativity

Your Story

From the moment we are born, we are being molded into a functional member of society. As we become adults, the context of who we are and where we have been plays a large role in how and to what degree we interface with the world around us. We find ourselves saturated with brackets of understanding, real or imagined, on how we ought to see ourselves and our relationship with the world. For many of us, this creates confusion, tension, judgement and deep internal conflict. On one hand you have your intuition and on the other you have your story.

Everybody has a story. Your story is a personal narrative, based on events in your life on which you strongly attach meaning about who you are as an individual. There are a number of factors that contribute to one’s story:

  • cultural norms & conflicting values
  • painful past experiences
  • business & relationships
  • technology & connection

In IFIK you will identify and face the contributors to your story, and find resolution in a safe and nurturing environment. Our facilitators will help you to tap into the Self and identify your Truth in a way that incites a permanent shift in perspective and leads you on the path to self trust and inner awareness.

The Threshold

As a culture we have moved away from experiences that provide the psyche with a means for resolving the dissonance that emerges between the inner and outer spheres of awareness. In the past, we have gathered around campfires and told stories, met in sacred spaces or held ceremonies to mark the passage across a threshold. These liminal experiences are all but missing from our society today. We find ourselves highly connected technically speaking, but unable to make a meaningful transition within ourselves. Through extension of your tribe, IFIK will facilitate a deep interpersonal shift within yourself, leading towards resolution of conflict and profound clarity.

Radical Intuitive Self Acceptance

Working together

Radical Intuitive Self Acceptance is a body of tools designed to put the individual on the path towards self­induced and sustainable enlightenment. Enlightenment or Awakening as a concept is often something we associate with a “special” state of mind/being. The truth is that enlightenment is so ordinary in nature that we miss it at almost every turn , We walk through our lives attempting to find a way to avoid this very thing we were born to experience...a ffixing ourselves to a frame of reference that at best provides us with a cage just large enough to be not unhappy in. Living becomes codependent with the survival of the ego. IFIK is designed to help you peel back the layers, look deep within yourself and intuitively tap into universal principles such as earnest love and deep compassion. 

TIFIK Development Program

The Development Program is focused on reshaping how individuals see themselves. When we are born, we’re handed the gift of possibility, our Self. As we grow and interact with our families, culture and society we start to develop internal conflict from which our story emerges. Oftentimes we wallow in the space of stories, conflict and judgement, and can feel stuck or isolated. The IFIK Development Program will tap into these concepts to uncover your truth, and will fully actualize that gift of truth through your ability exercise free will, to be an agent in your own life, and to act on the critical insights that create meaningful change and positive life growth. Our process will unlock untapped resources and allow you to forge ahead and prosper, empowered by previously unrealized ability. The curriculum is simple, direct and designed to uncover your truth, leading you on the path to true awakening.

● What to Expect:

  • ○  An immersive, experiential weekend based on strong interpersonal connections designed to build self trust.

  • ○  A transformational impact of mental clarity and peace of mind. The freedom to be at ease in any circumstance.

  • ○  Transcendence: understanding life’s challenges from a higher perspective.

  • ○  Personal, practical wisdom and tools to help you actualize more of your own

    potential, find increased productivity, and improve the quality of your


  • ○  A focus on the present, having resolved past grievances, or issues.

    Leadership Program

    In the IFIK Leadership Program, you set forth to create a global impact starting with individuals. Our Leaders will create a wave of energy and awareness that gets bigger as it moves across our landscape, becoming a tsunami of human effort and attention to what it means to live a meaningful, intentional life. Through the Leadership Program, you learn the tools and tactics to tap deeply into your intuition in a way that transforms the lives of others. You become the faculty of awareness, and use what you k now to build a strong sense of self­trust in others. Through guided practice, you will sharpen your intuition,

● Qualities Of Our Faculty:

  • ○  Curious, Open, Kind

  • ○  Act from integrity­ words & actions align

  • ○  Mindful, Clear, Strong

  • ○  Persistent and courageous

  • ○  Mature­ willing to be uncomfortable without acting out

  • ○  Vulnerable