What if your life was designed from start to finish as the most beautiful form of play the universal mind has ever imagined. What if living your life was meant to be the most profound aesthetic experience you will ever have while being human. 

What if instead of seeing tragedy and set back and failure, you heard the clarion call of the soul imploring you to embrace all aspects of life without judgement.What if you are the sovereign power behind each choice and every thought. What if you embraced the intuitive design of your life, living from a place of deep inner peace fueled by the singular joy of being human. What if the power to transform yourself was contained within EVERY experience of your life. What if you are and always were the only answer to the question. This is your life, why not live it without fear…


John Merideth

Merideth Method, 145 15th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA, 30309

John graduated with a B.A from New College and is the owner and creative director of onlYoga in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a master teacher (E500-T500) with more than 25 years of experience and a business consultant. John is the creator of the Merideth Method® a rigorous and highly effective standards based training and interpersonal development program. He has also worked extensively as a personal development consultant providing insight and direction to a diverse client base. John is also an artist and the owner of NAMTAR Films.