Space flight,  wireless communication, agriculture, self government; these are just a few examples of what is possible when the power of the human mind is fully actualized. At TIFIK, we know the only thing standing between you and your highest potential, your inner genius, is YOU. Underneath the fog of self-doubt is a deep well of insight, creativity, and an inherent ability to solve problems without conflict. Our method is designed with one goal – to provide you or your organization with the tools to move beyond the confusion and self-doubt and teach you how to harness the creative potential of your inner genius.


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What if your life was designed from start to finish as the most beautiful form of play the universal mind has ever imagined.


TIFIK (The Institute for Intuitive Knowledge) is the creative product of two earnest seekers after self-­realization. TIFIK does not proclaim any specific ideology or religion but is in itself a profound methodology for unwrapping the mystery of the Self. The Institute’s primary concern is with liberation and freedom on all levels of being. Our mission is to guide the individual to a clear understanding of themselves and thereby give each person the light of awareness in which clarity, self-­trust, and knowing unfolds. It is from this point that individuals will hold the space to transform the lives of others and set forth to enact positive, lasting change on a global level. 

Aligning what you want or know is true, with what you actually take action on in your life can be difficult.  There are many factors in our lives that prevent us from fully engaging and being happy.  By attending the TIFIK session with truly caring and professional instructors I was able to help myself uncover common sense and knowing that make my everyday life more fulfilling.  Living your life from a place of honesty and giving is a hard thing to achieve without the help of a community.  TIFIK is a group of instructors and people who because they share a common goal can be observant of each other.  This observation can be hard to hear sometimes, but it’s what you need to get out of your rut.  It’s like when you get advice from a wise person who has no agenda for themselves, they just want to see you succeed.  The process is free from gimmicks and false paths; it’s based on you and what you need.  I recommend attending; you’ll see that confronting your true self is both interesting and rewarding!
— Tyson Kueper, Logistics Professional Atlanta, GA


I attended the IFIK weekend seeking clarity. I felt like there was background noise in my mind that was keeping me from connecting with my intuition and distracting me from pursuing my passion and my purpose. I wanted to commit to my purpose whole heartedly, but was holding myself back for reasons I did not understand.

I separated from my comfort zone completely just in showing up for the weekend. I traveled across the country and attended what I knew would be a deeply personal and difficult introspection with a group of people I did not know. The format was perfect for me. It was unlike any event I had ever participated in, combining movement and group interaction in a way that simply does not allow you to get stuck in your head. With the skilled and compassionate guidance of the seminar leaders, I pushed myself farther than I expected to and uncovered inner conflict that surprised me. Shocked me, actually. The most valuable lesson I learned from the weekend was how to resolve the inner conflict and move forward. How to simply start from right now and leave any detractors from the past behind.

I returned home feeling energized, clear and focused. I approach my entire life differently now, and completely self-directed. I hear my intuition loud and clear, without distraction from outside noise, and I am driven from that source. It seems so simple.

My friends are asking me how they can attend an IFIK weekend. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do the hard work and truly access their own intuition and their own power. I encourage my friends to make this investment in themselves and be prepared to be amazed.
— -Sheryl M., Business Executive Seattle, WA


TIFIK weekend courses are one part of our Genius Path Curriculum and are designed to work alongside our online curriculum for accelerated interpersonal growth. The weekends focus on key concepts such as JOYLOVE, SERENITY, Awe and GROWTH. The Institute For Intuitive Knowing is devoted to providing experiences and developing tools that enable individuals and groups to create deeply meaningful connections. Our classes and trainings focus on rediscovering intuition and emotional intelligence within the context of our daily lives. We address fundamental issues such as how to love, how to cultivate joy within hardship, what it feels like to be fulfilled, how aversive emotions can be tools for insight, how to understand past experiences, and how to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. The TIFIK Development Program utilizes these key concepts and others to uncover the power of clarity and agency or choice. The weekends provide critical insights that create meaningful change and positive life growth. The curriculum is simple and direct, the results are powerful and lasting.

I attended the TIFIK seminar to learn how to get out of my head and into my heart so I can use my intuition as a catalyst for both personal and professional growth. I chose TIFIK  because I have previous experience training with John Merideth and know firsthand the power behind his method to transform people’s lives, including my own. Throughout the seminar, John and Becca helped me to think less and feel more, from an intuitive space within me, to determine what I truly value and how to align my values with both my personal and professional life. I learned essential skills for deciphering when my ego is speaking and when my true self is speaking. I was able to put these skills into practice so that I can move forward with decisions without inner conflict. These skills have been profound and led to immediate results in taking my life in the direction that aligns with my inner vision.
I was able to see clearly where my mind gets in the way of my intuition.  Becca and John achieved in one weekend what would have taken months or years to achieve through traditional life coaching or counseling.  I learned how to quiet my mind and listen to my inner voice. Their approach is straightforward, honest, direct, and relentless in moving you toward your own answers and achieving your goals. They are results driven and will spend the time needed to ensure you reach your goals.  Becca and John are not afraid to say it like it is and require you to confront within yourself where you are holding yourself back. The results of my weekend seminar have been life changing.  Inspiring.  Motivating. Transformative.  I would recommend this seminar to any person or business who wants to utilize their intuitive knowledge to achieve their personal and professional potential.
— Lana Layton, Administrative Judge Atlanta, Georgia

What to Expect: 

    •    An immersive, experiential weekend based on strong interpersonal connections designed to build self trust. 

    •    Methods for hacking your inner genius to gain mental clarity, creativity and peace of mind. 

    •    The freedom to be at ease in any circumstance. 

    •    Transcendence: understanding life’s challenges from a higher perspective. 

    •    Tools to help you actualize your full potential, find increased productivity, and improve the quality of your relationships. 

    •    A deep focus on the present, having resolved past grievances, or issues.