ian best


Ian became a practitioner of Yoga eight years ago as a high school senior in his hometown in South Jersey. Originally drawn to the practice to balance weight training, he quickly learned of the multitude of benefits beyond just physical exercise. His hunger for learning eventually landed him in a weekend workshop with Universal Yoga creator Andrey Lappa. After the workshop, he decided to continue training with Jessie Fletcher and completed Dorje Yoga's 200hr teacher training program in 2016.

Interested in further pursing knowledge, he is seeking to attend a 500hr training in the near future. Yoga has become a way of life for Ian, and he aspires to further his understanding as well as share with others what has been so gracefully shared with him. 

Outside of teaching studio classes and maintaining a home practice, Ian studies Applied Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He enjoys gardening, nature bathing, and everything fun - especially time with his friend-dog Tesla. He is commonly seen strolling the streets of Atlanta barefoot, lengthening his spine with each inhale. Don't be surprised to see him at local farmer's markets, gatherings for art and music, or chanting in and around city parks.

Let it be known that he doesn't bite [people], despite frequently making animal noises and sticking his tongue out for simasana. He claims these things to be 'grounding' and to play well with his Earth element, as astrologically, he is a Taurus.