John Merideth


John is the founder of onlYoga and of the Merideth Method, the most comprehensive yoga teacher training in the southeast. He is a certified yoga instructor (E500-T500 the highest level offered by Yoga Alliance) with an emphasis in classical Ashtanga - Vinyasa styles as well as vipasana meditation. John began his classical asana training in 1990 while attending New College in Sarasota Fl. John has strong sports background as an elite swimmer and distance runner, and he was drawn to ashtanga yoga because of its demand for a perfect balance between strength, flexibility, and endurance.

With more than 26 years of personal practice and 25 years of teaching, John brings an unusual depth to his instruction.   John believes that yoga is meant to be dynamic and strives to keep his classes creative and light hearted. His varied life experience has shown him that yoga is as much a psycho/spiritual passage as it is a physical journey.

John’s teaches weekly group classes but specializes in one on one privates that integrate classical yoga with wellness mentoring, emotional awareness, thai-yoga therapy, and functional movement training. John also leads workshops and teacher trainings throughout the year.

Working with John is rewarding on a multitude of levels but requires a commitment to long-term health both on and off the mat.

John has studied a wide variety of yoga methods including Bikram, Iyengar, Kundalini, Jidda, and many others.   An avid practitioner, John supplements his personal practice by regularly attending practicums' with other gifted master teachers. He also actively pursues studies in psychology, mysticism, and western post modern thought.

John is also an artist and a prolific writer. Visit his blog Spiritually Ambitious, find him on facebooktwitterpinterest, & the onlYoga youtube channel. For additional professional information please visit his linked profile.