josh jones


Josh's practice began in the summer of 2013 in Lancaster, PA. While performing for a children's theme park in Lancaster for the summer, a friend told him of a local yoga studio that they had been attending. Having always been drawn to different aspects of spirituality and gifted with a ceaselessly curious mind, he decided to attend. Yoga was unlike anything he had ever done before, and he immediately fell in love with both the physical practice, and the many benefits that he was feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in addition. Fast forward two years, and Josh moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in film acting. Having still maintained his yogic practice, he knew he wanted to get certified to teach yoga while in Atlanta, so he could help others benefit from the practice that he has so greatly benefited from. He completed his 200hr Teacher Training in the summer of 2016 and has been teaching ever since.

What Josh loves most about yoga is the journey within. Rarely do we allow ourselves to be quiet, to be still, and to allow ourselves to fully explore who we are at our core. Having worked, and still pursuing, a career in the entertainment industry, yoga is such a healthy shift. It's not about glitz and glam, or what you look like, but the journey towards increasingly improving upon both your practice and yourself. Yoga does not judge, it accepts and benefits all.

In Josh's classes, you can expect a healthy blend of vinyasa flow with a balance of meditation and relaxation. His classes are challenging, but with a personable, fun approach, and an emphasis on spirituality. Aside from yoga, he is an avid traveler, coffee drinker, actor, musician, and foodie.