JOY {January 2016}

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JOY {January 2016}

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"Sadness and Fear are actually JOY dressed up in drag!" John Merideth

Joy: The active expression of wonder, passion and awe for living. When we allow ourselves to feel joy we allow challenges to become how we play. The expression of joy leads to decreases in symptoms related to depression, heart disease, obesity, and addiction, just to name a few. 

Fear, Sadness, Grief: Are feelings we often associate with a lack of joy for living. These feelings tend to leave us isolated or feeling adrift. When we get stuck in them, they can lead to repeating negative thoughts and life patterns.

Join us for this powerful weekend as we explore the way in which feelings like sadness and fear are actually JOY in disguise. We will guide you through a method for learning how to uncover the JOY underneath any feeling, any roadblock and any limitation.

This is a VALUE BASED workshop. Value based means we believe strongly in the transformative power of our method and the process. We want you to attend and not need to worry about money or have an agenda. Value based means we come together to do the work based on what each person needs. On the final day of the event, if you have found value in the method and the process, we will encourage you to make a contribution towards our next workshop. We only ask the you PREREGISTER for the event - space is limited.

Donation levels:

Angel - $1000 (this level includes four tune up sessions with Becca and John either by phone or in person)

Vision Quest - $500 (this level includes two tune up sessions with Becca and John either by phone or in person.)

Hero's Journey- $350 (this level includes one tune up session with Becca or John by phone or in person)

JOY Sponsor - $250 Help us continue to provide workshops and learning tools to help people uncover their inner genius.

Mission Critical - $150 Participate in seeing us grow to the next level.

Test Pilot - $0 My offer is my intention to grow.



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Location: 900 Peachtree Street NE #302, Atlanta GA 30309

What to expect: Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Part of the weekend course will include movement and meditation. We encourage you to bring a journal or a notebook or an iPad to take notes. We will have a lunch break on Saturday and Sunday for aprox 45min. There are many healthy food options within a 2-3 minute walk from our host studio onlYoga. The weekends are designed to be experiential which means we will present you with concepts, ideas or research and give you an opportunity to apply it to your own life experience. We want to incite growth, connection and feeling. We ask that you make a commitment to the entire weekend.

Meeting Times: 

Friday: 7pm - 10pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: 9am - 3pm