LOVE {February 2016}

LOVE {February 2016}


"Love is the highest form of liberation and yet we try to use it as a prison" John Merideth

Romantic love often appears to be limited when we find it reflected through art, music, poetry and drama. The question becomes whether love, romantic or otherwise, is perpetual, cyclic, lasting or finite. Do we actually fall out of love? Were we ever taught how to be in love without attaching the experience to an outcome? 

This class suggests that love is our birth right, something that we were born to experience and that with practice something that we can cultivate. We examine the relationship of self love to love of the other. Finally we examine the paradoxical nature of love.

Unconditional LOVE: The highest form of self expression is love. As souls we have the the innate capacity to articulate love as simple unbounded awe for being awake and alive in a vivid universe.

Conditional LOVE: When we place conditions and boundaries around the simple and direct nature of love, we are limiting our ability to live the depth and breadth of joy. For many off us this leads to unfulfilling life.

Join us are we explore tools and methods for letting go of the "I am" mindset in order to find a safe place within our own being for the joyful expression of LOVE.

Date: February TBA

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Join us as we teach you what it means to love with the depth and breadth of your soul.