Merideth Method® Instructor Training


Merideth Method® Instructor Training


The program is designed around the Merideth Method®. The Merideth Method® teaches techniques that foster transparent communication, wholehearted interactions and mindfulness. The process affirms that each participant is whole, infinitely capable and divinely inspired. The experience is designed to bring about an experience of liberation and relies heavily on contemporary and premodern mysticism. 

Module 1

  • Historical Context
    • As a path to enlightenment
    • Ontological framework
  • Modern vs Postmodern styles and trends
  • Development - wholehearted communication
  • Anatomy - functional movement
  • Basic class script
  • Develop script Sun A/Sun B
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Professional Standards Based Training - Industry Leader

For students seeking an immersive training program, TIFIK offers trainings with John Merideth and his senior teachers. These modules are a rare opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the history, philosophy and practical method of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Through the creation of learning paths, our curriculum, is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the program. The individual attention that every student-teacher receives ensures that they are able to build on their inherent strengths while simultaneously examine and learn how to bolster some of their less dynamic areas. The professional programs are designed to produce confident teachers that will excel in the ever growing field of yoga.