tyson kueper


In sun soaked southern California, on a typical traffic congested Wednesday afternoon I went to my first yoga class.  It was an Ashtanga Primary Series class.  I was not ready for the physical and metaphysical experience it would have for me.  My formative years being molded with siblings in middle america, and the culture that exposes one to, yoga can have an interesting effect.  In my youth, running around on the soccer field simply did not evoke the same feelings as yoga can: being present is important, breathing is important.  

That first class I took was lead by a teacher who trained under John Merideth.  Through cascading life and work events I found myself training with the very same teacher all the way across country back here in Atlanta.  I can attribute this to luck or maybe just looking forward.  

Finely crafted racecars, seeing my siblings as parents, hiking around playing disc golf, having a beach all to myself, or a perfectly ripe kent mango are some things that can turn my mood around quickly, in a good way.

The yoga sutras talk about doing something “often and for a long time”.  How do you define often and long? A good first step is actually making the commitment to define them.  Yoga is always there.  You have to be honest with yourself and make it part of your life.