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onlYoga is a unique, locally-owned yoga studio located in the heart of Atlanta's Midtown neighborhood.  At onlYoga we strive to help students develop a skillful, meaningful dialogue within themselves and with the world around them. With an emphasis on building community, we specialize in our own brand of creative ashtanga and vinyasa flow-style classes. Since 2001, onlYoga has been offering a full schedule of invigorating, challenging yoga classes in a beautiful, intimate loft setting.
John Merideth (E-RYT 500), the owner and director of onlYoga, has been passionately teaching yoga since 1991. He has worked with many teachers over the years, including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Shiva Rae, Bryan Kest, David Swenson, Manju Jois, B.B. Birch, Nevine Michaan and many others. At onlYoga we offer a wide range of classes for students of all abilities, ages and levels of experience.

Winter Quarter Events and Workshops
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Ashtanga Foundation - (start here if you are new to yoga): Suitable for all levels, these classes offer new students a thorough and safe introduction to the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. The Series builds the strength and confidence necessary to move into more advanced classes in the studio.  For more experienced practitioners, the course provides a tool for reviewing and strengthening the fundamental concepts that make the Ashtanga form so dynamic.  We recommend new students start at the beginning of the four week series, however, since this is an ongoing course students can drop in for any of the classes and make up the missed classes in the following cycle. Drop-ins are welcome. Subjects covered include but are not limited to: breath, energy locks, alignment, learning the primary series, inversions, opening and closing chants, etc.

Session 1 - History & Sun Salutations, Standing postures
Session 2 - Seated postures, Standing postures
Session 3 - Seated postures, Closing postures and inversions

Please note: EVERYONE MUST PRE-REGISTER!!! Space is limited and we will not be able to guarantee or hold a space unless you have pre-registered.

$25 Thru 1/15
$35 Thru 2/7
$45 At The Door

Location: onlYoga in Midtown

This Event is Free For:
OY Unlimited Members, OY Teachers & OYT in Training
Guided meditation is a relaxing form of mindfulness. The facilitator guides students into a deep sate of relaxation through a combination of imagery and breathing. This experiential workshop will open with a gentle spine freeing series, followed by the guided mindfulness practice and then time for reflection.

Guided meditation is a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety and can help students tap into a deep sense of gratitude and wellbeing.

Please note: EVERYONE MUST PRE-REGISTER!!! Space is limited and we will not be able to guarantee or hold a space unless you have pre-registered.

$25 thru Jan 8th
$35 thru Feb 7th
$45 Day Of Event

Location: onlYoga

Date: 2/8/15 130pm - 3:30pm
Aerial onlYoga classes utilize a soft, fabric, inversion swing that is used to relieve compressed joints and to bring greater alignment to the spine. Every class will explore a series of postures meant to elicit a sense of weightlessness while forming new relationships with gravity. These classes are small, 6 - 8 students, and require preregistration.  
Note: Classes are offered on a first come first serve basis.  To pre-register, pay for your session in advance and we will send you an email confirmation for your reservation.

Pre-scheduled classes will be offered on Sundays, one each quarter, from 4 - 5:30pm. A minimum of 4 students per class is required.  
The fee for pre-scheduled classes: Drop-in - $25/class - Discounts available for multiple class packs.
Opening the chest and hips, taking stress off the joints & decompressing the spine, practicing inversions & backbends without neck/back strain, building core strength, building upper body strength, learning to fly...
Join us for seasonal classes featuring a live solo performance from the cellist Jean Gray. These all level yoga class are lead by John Merideth.

Jean Gay is an active chamber musician, solo artist, and cello instructor currently based in Atlanta, GA.  With a core interest in and passion for traditional classical music, she is also a member of numerous ensembles which explore non-traditional and new compositions.  For instance, in her work as a member of the Sino-American Music Ensemble she has performed traditional Chinese folk pieces, compositions by living Chinese composers, and modern works by American composers.  She is also a member of Chamber Cartel and Terminus Ensemble, as well as other groups.

$25 Thru 2/15
$35 Thru 2/30
$45 At The Door

This Event is Free For:
OY Unlimited Members, OY Teachers & OYT in Training
NOTE: To receive the discounted rate, all payments must be received before the specified deadline. Pricing is determined by the time of payment, not the time of pre-registration.
This very special class is offered four times each year in recognition of the changing seasons...and is a long standing onlYoga tradition. Part endurance, part meditation - completely empowering. Utilizing the magic of Vinyasa we will continually move through many Sun Salutations and end with Kirtan.  Stay after for healthy nibbles and conversation.  I hope you can attend.  All levels welcome! Knowledge of Surya Namaskara A is helpful but not required.

The number 108 is a mala (Sanskrit for garland) and is a tool used in meditation. Used to count the number of mantra repetitions completed per sitting, repetition using a mala is an effective way of keeping your mind focused, and can make meditation more relaxing and soothing. Historically, malas have been used as a part of an integrated spiritual practice that may also contain hatha yoga. A mala contains 108 beads and a larger "meru" bead. The tassled "meru" bead is symbolic of the transcended state, and indicates the beginning and end of a cycle. The significance of "108" is related to the Brahmand (universe), which is said to be made up of 108 elements so 108 represents the universe.

$10 Thru 2/22
$15 Thru 3/22
$20 At The Door

This Event is Free For:
OY Unlimited Members, OY Teachers & OYT in Training
NOTE: To receive the discounted rate, all payments must be received before the specified deadline. Pricing is determined by the time of payment, not the time of pre-registration.

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Studio Specials

Enter the category for this item: How do I quiet the inner critique?
Wow. I wish I had an easy answer for you. Fortunately and unfortunately the tricks of the mind are as complex as the individual itself. The inner critic you describe is a projection of the ego mind. Essentially the ego mind helps us stabilize ourselves in the world. When its working well it keeps us feeling safe and whole. Unfortunately, at times it can be too active, projecting limitation and fear instead of safety. Deepening our awareness of ourselves in a variety of situations can help alleviate the limiting aspects of the ego mind. The entire practice of yoga is designed to help us stay balanced and in touch with a more compassionate mental space. Meditation in particular can help you begin to understand the origin and root of your thoughts and how to let them go. One way I like to look at this process is through what I refer to as thought quantity. Think about how many thoughts you have every minute, hour, day, etc. We have many, many thoughts. Part of what we are learning to do with our practice is not give so much importance or emotional energy to the select few that upset us. This doesn't mean that we ignore our feelings but rather that we acknowledge and explore a full range of emotional states.
Enter the category for this item: How do I start taking classes?
You can choose from among any of our weekly schedule of on-going classes and attend whenever you like. You are not required to attend any particular class exclusively, nor do you need to make reservations. Just drop in!
Enter the category for this item: What do I need to do for my first class?
If it's your first time wear comfortable clothing - less is better. No perfume or jewelry please.  A towel and water bottle are advisable. Try to arrive 5 minutes early to meet the teacher. Be sure to fill out a registration form and sign in. Relax and try to enjoy the beginning of an exciting inward journey.
Enter the category for this item: Can I start yoga if I'm overweight/out-of-shape/older?
Yes. Yoga is a process. You begin wherever you are.
Enter the category for this item: I am not very flexible. Can I still do yoga?
Flexibility has little to do with whether or not one can practice yoga. Some people are born naturally flexible, others must work to attain flexibility. A regular yoga practice will gradually increase anyone's flexibility. However, increased flexibility itself is not yoga's only objective nor is it the only benefit yoga has to offer. The ultimate benefit of yoga -- to harmoniously unite body, mind and spirit in a healthful physical practice -- can be experienced regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes. It is important to remember that the postures are tools to open the body, rather than goals to be achieved. 
Enter the category for this item: What if everyone is more experience than me?
Yoga practice emphasizes individual development. Everyone works at his or her own level and pace within the same class. Often, an instructor will offer several variations to students of a given pose, some less challenging than others. It is also important to remember that a new student who is just able to enter the beginning stages of a given posture is doing as much work (and receiving as much benefit) as the advanced student who can perform the fully completed version.
Enter the category for this item: How many times a week should I practice?
Beginning students will benefit from as little as one class per week. To receive more benefits from your yoga practice, two to three classes per week are recommended. Depending on how your own body responds to yoga, you may take classes every day if you wish. Once you become familiar with the basic postures, you can begin to develop your own yoga practice at home, with a daily practice being the ultimate goal for some students.
Enter the category for this item: What level is appropriate for me?
Beginning students should begin with either “Intro” or Level 1 classes. Even if the level of physical challenge feels minimal, the slower pace and detailed instruction offered in these classes will help to firmly establish technique, such as form, alignment and breathing. These classes will also begin to accustom your body to the “building blocks” of yoga, preparing you for more advanced classes.
Enter the category for this item: I have an injury. What should I do?
Always feel free to introduce yourself to your instructor and describe any injuries you might have. He or she will then be able to advise you as to how to “work around” your problem area to avoid further injury. The instructor may also be able to suggest particular exercises that might help to bring increased mobility and healing to your injuries. In any event, listen to your body’s feedback. If anything you do in yoga feels painful or uncomfortable, you should “back off.” Your instructor will most likely be able to recommend an appropriate alternative pose for you during the class.
Enter the category for this item: When should I expect to see progress in my practice?
Each individual will respond to yoga differently, based on a variety of factors including age, physical condition, genetics, etc. What is more important than measuring progress based on a pre-conceived idea of where you want your practice to be, is to embrace where your practice is and let go of any self-imposed goals. Yoga is truly a life-long pursuit, one that you can go on exploring as long as you live and never learn all there is to know. As American Yoga Master Joel Kramer has said, "The essence of yoga is not attainments, but how aware you are of your limits -- wherever and whatever they may be."
Enter the category for this item: What if I am pregnant?
Feel free to come to any level 1 class. Some poses should not be done while pregnant, and you will be given alternative poses instead. If yours is a high risk pregnancy, please consult your physician before starting yoga. 
Enter the category for this item: What if I had recent surgery or injury?
Depending on how serious it is, you may want to consult with your physician before starting yoga. Be sure to tell your yoga teacher about your condition, and he/she will adapt the yoga poses to your abilities. Many people find that yoga helps relieve lingering symptoms of surgery or injury.
Enter the category for this item: Will yoga conflict with my religion?
Absolutely not! Our students are of all faiths, and yoga can help you deepen your spiritual life no matter what your religion. There is Divinity in all people and things. We just encourage you to see this. 
Enter the category for this item: Can one do too much yoga?
Can you be too present in your life? It all depends on how we define our yoga practice. If our sadhana encompasses only asana, then yes it is possible to do too much yoga. Seated meditation and Kirtan (chanting/singing) are also effective tools for awakening us to the Self within and can enrich a strong asana practice. However, if we broaden our spiritual practice to include a deeper sense of being in all aspects of our life...if we awaken to the potential inherent in each moment...then life is our yoga practice and I don't believe one can live too much. The key is awareness.
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Car - From 75/85 take the 10th street exit (follow the signs to 10th street). Go east on 10th street toward the Midtown skyscrapers and away from GA Tech. Follow 10th street to Peachtree Street and turn right - you are now heading south. Go one block. 900 Peachtree will be on the right - look for the Coldwell Banker sign, it's in the same building.

MARTA - Get off at the Midtown Station. Exit onto 10th street and go East (make a right out of the station). Walk one block to Peachtree Street and head South (make a right). Walk one block and look for the Coldwell Banker sign, it's in the same building.


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onlYoga is located in the 900 Peachtree building at the corner of 8th and Peachtree in Midtown. The Vortex is in the building next door and T-mobile is directly across the street. We are in the same building as the Coldwell Banker.


Park on Cypress! We have FREE on street parking weekdays after 6pm and all day Sat & Sun. Parking is located behind the 900 building. The free zones run along Cypress from 8th street to Peachtree Place and along 8th street from West Peachtree to Cypress. The signs in this area will state free 3 hour parking after 6pm and on weekends. Please note that the meters around the studio are not enforced on Sundays or during holidays. Please inquire for additional details.

There is paid garage parking and pay lots around the studio. The prices range from $2 - $5. We do not validate for parking.


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The entrance is a glass and brass door under a green awning facing Peachtree Street. onlYoga is in a secure building and the entry door on the ground floor is locked. To gain entry type #516 into the keypad or, look for "onlYoga". This will ring the studio and we will answer to buzz you in. Take the elevator or stairs to the third floor. Once you have attended a class in the studio be sure to inquire about the entry code. We will provide you with a code that will allow you to enter from the street without ringing us
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