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drop in $22 

8 class package $152

12 class package $216

50 class package $750

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student/senior/military rate $11 available in studio


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Join us for a relaxing afternoon as we dabble in assisted stretching, thai massage, and practicing yoga poses together.

In this lighthearted and fun class you will learn to build trust and communication through the practice as we balance, flow, breathe....and laugh!

No prior experience is necessary, although some background in yoga will be helpful. You do not need to bring a partner!

$30 advance, $35 week of
FREE for members!

foundations Series 

Suitable for all levels, these classes offer new students a thorough and safe introduction to the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. The series builds the strength and confidence necessary to move into more advanced classes in the studio. For more experienced practitioners, the course provides a tool for reviewing and strengthening the fundamental concepts that make the Ashtanga form so dynamic. Subjects covered include but are not limited to: breath, energy locks, alignment, learning the primary series, inversions, opening and closing chants, etc.

Session 1: History, Sun Salutations, and Standing

$30 advance, $35 week of
FREE for members!

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga, as taught by yogi Bhajan is known as the science of awareness. It is a specific practice of energy and angles, used to aid an individual in achieving a state of well being, thus leading to a purpose driven life. Kundalini uses breath, mantra, movement, and mudra in specific kriyas, or sets of postures. Meditations are active, often involving specific hand and body positioning held while chanting and or practicing a prescribed breath pattern.

We will explore a Kriya, a meditation, and discuss the basic foundation and tools of this science in this 90 minute workshop.

$30 advance, $35 week of
FREE for members!


john merideth

john merideth

tyson kueper

tyson kueper

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crysten breita

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jessica mccleskey hood

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Teacher training

onlYoga is the home of the Merideth Method® Teacher Training. 


The Merideth Method® teaches techniques that fosters transparent communication, wholehearted interactions, and mindfulness. The process affirms that each participant is whole, infinitely capable, and divinely inspired. The technique is designed to bring about an experience of liberation and relies heavily on contemporary and premodern mysticism. 



200 hour

For students seeking an immersive yoga training program we are excited to offer the Merideth Method® Teacher Training, lead by John Merideth. Our program is the only program in the SE that offers students the ability to mentor with an master teacher and then assist and teach in real time classes in a studio. The modules are designed to immerse students in the history, philosophy, and practical method of vinyasa yoga. Through the creation of learning paths, our curriculum is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the program. John uses a Critical Consciousness or integrational equity format between student and teachers in which both question, both reflect, and both participate in meaning-making.  Each student is given individual attention and encouraged to build on inherent strength and reinforce less dynamic areas. Merideth Method® training programs are designed to produce professional, confident teachers that will excel in the ever expanding field of yoga, personal wellness, and resilience consulting.


(MODULES 1 - 5)

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the syllabus for this teacher training intensive draws from a wide range of intellectual disciplines. During the course, the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga provide the student with a context from which to explore the form and texture of the ego. Critical thinking skills are emphasized and the student is encouraged to deconstruct the practice from a variety of perspectives both western and non-western (physical and spiritual). To be come certified, students must be able to demonstrate a strong critical understanding of the five primary areas of the MM® and show competency leading, adjusting and sequencing multiple Ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes.



  • leadership
  • living from your values
  • power and dynamism
  • general anatomy/physiology
  • philosophy of consciousness 
  • the anthropology of yoga
  • yoga as cosmology
  • pranayama
  • alignment principles
  • standing and seated asana sequences
  • the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga
  • mysore style manual adjustment techniques
  • the art of teaching
  • emotional resonance
  • taking flight with bandha
  • jump-thru and jump-back using your core
  • finishing sequence
  • tristana, and much, much more.
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At onlYoga we strive to help students develop a skillful, meaningful dialogue within themselves and with the world around them. We recognize the value and significance of doing one thing very well. We strive to build each of our classes around the vinyasa method, the core of Ashtanga yoga. In acknowledging that Ashtanga yoga is an ancient Eastern practice, we attempt to preserve its authenticity in the face of the ever shifting currents and trends of Western contemporary society. Through years of experience with the Ashtanga practice, we trust in its power to non-aggressively confront mental and physical resistance and in so doing reshape the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students. By creating an intimate setting, with a manageable student to teacher ratio, onlYoga offers a dynamic environment where both the teacher and student contribute to the process of learning. Knowledge, commitment, integrity, discipline, and authenticity inform the principles supporting our teaching philosophy. 


900 Peachtree Street Northeast #302
Atlanta, GA, 30309
United States

Dial #516 (or scroll for yoga classes) from the call box.



Park on Cypress! We have FREE on street parking weekdays after 6pm and all day Sat & Sun. Parking is located behind the 900 building. The free zones run along Cypress from 8th street to Peachtree Place and along 8th street from West Peachtree to Cypress. The signs in this area will state free 3 hour parking after 6pm and on weekends. Please note that the meters around the studio are not enforced on Sundays or during holidays. Please inquire for additional details.

There is paid garage parking and pay lots around the studio. The prices range from $2 - $5. We do not validate for parking.


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